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Accelerated Recommissioning on 300 sites Following Lockdown - with Surevent UK LTD

Posted by Chloe on Feb 3, 2021 9:51:12 AM


Surevent UK Ltd uses the Hydrosense product range to provide fast, accurate, onsite results, especially where there is an urgent need. For instance, when an engineer has concerns about a system; when a system has been unused for some time; during a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak or suspected outbreak; or when there has been a change in management.

The easy-to-use test has been implemented by leading environmental compliance organisation, Surevent UK, to monitor cooling towers, decorative fountains, hot tubs and spa pools, sinks, showers, misters, sprinklers, air washers, humidifiers, pipes, dead legs and water tanks.



Before rolling out the Hydrosense product range, Surevent UK experimented with several testing methods but only the Hydrosense test kit range offered the necessary speed and peace of mind to effectively manage mothballed sites during COVID-19.

Hydrosense’s unique targeted offering allowed Surevent UK to add value to their service by accelerating recommissioning and providing almost immediate, tangible peace of mind for their clients whilst still on site.

After the first COVID Lockdown in the UK, Surevent was asked to recommission 300 mothballed sites for one of the UK’s largest mobile and broadband service providers, which were located all across the country. 

Surevent had only two weeks to carry out the necessary testing, disinfection and flushing to bring the stores back to safety in time for re-opening.

Due to the limited time frame for reopening, speed was an absolute necessity when it came to sampling systems onsite. The traditional Laboratory Culture method, used widely for Legionella sampling in the UK, was not appropriate due to the slow nature of the method - which can take 10-14 days to produce conclusive results.

Hydrosense’s ability to spot the most dangerous form of Legionella (pneumophila serogroup 1) in only 25 minutes meant that a problem during recommissioning could be spotted and mitigated immediately, rather than two weeks later once a lab report was received.

The Hydrosense ultra-rapid test was found to be a powerful tool when urgency was crucial for the client. Hydrosense gave Surevent UK an edge over competitors by providing almost immediate indicative results on the state of their customer's water systems. The test supported faster remedial action and helped Surevent to open their clients stores within the negotiated time frame.

Laboratory culture samples were also taken alongside Hydrosense tests for compliance reasons, and to provide the client with an additional layer of assurance.

“We needed to disinfect, flush and sample all properties in two weeks. Hydrosense gave us the edge with a faster turn-around time and allowed the building to be opened faster and more safely. Hydrosense kit can be used for peace of mind whilst we await the lab results and is invaluable in these circumstances.” Paul Abbott, Surevent UK Ltd



Since Surevent UK's inception, they have amassed an extensive and varied service portfolio within both the environmental compliance and ‘projects’ sectors. Throughout this time, their commitment to best practice, partnership and the provision of exceptional service delivery has remained central to their business ethos.

Surevent UK incorporates specialist knowledge and expertise to deliver pioneering solutions for their clients. Their engineers use advanced, state-of-the-art technology to ensure services are completed efficiently and to the highest standard.


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