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Legionnaires' disease can be contracted from decorative fountains

Posted by Paulina on Feb 27, 2014 10:45:00 AM

Legionella risk in spas and fountainsLegionella risk in spas and fountains



Decorative fountains are a source of pleasure and tranquility to everyone. They can also harbour Legionella which causes Legionnaires disease.

Two elderly residents of a Florida retirement community may have caught Legionnaires disease from a decorative fountain in the grounds. The Fernandez law firm is pursuing personal injury suits on behalf of the two residents. The Hillsborough County Health Department have confirmed that a fountain may well have been the source of the Legionella and the fountain, which was badly maintained, has since been removed.

It seems a shame that we have to resort to reducing our natural pleasure in water features to protect our relatives. There is no doubt that fountains provide everything that Legionella like for reproduction, dispersal and infection: untreated often re-circulated water of moderate temperatures and formation of biofilms and aerosols. Regular maintenance is the best way to control these risks, but in such a high risk situation as a retirement community, regular on-site testing provides the peace of mind required so that everyone can continue to enjoy the pleasures fountains and water features bring to our landscapes.


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