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Is Fast Legionella Self-Test Accredited? -  Validation of LEGIONELLA TESTING KITs

Posted by Paulina on Apr 18, 2017 1:16:01 PM


Is Fast Legionella self-test accredited?

The Rapid Legionella self-test has been validated by commercial and research institutions around the world. These include the Dutch Water Research Institution (KWR). KWR compared the test with lab culture and PCR methods and stated the following:

'In view of its high level of accordance with the results of Q-PCR and the ISO 11731 method and given the speed and simplicity of the test, [this method] would appear to be a useful addition to the set of instruments available to the process operator responsible for the daily management of cooling water systems. The method's specificity makes it a useful addition to ATP measurements, colony number measurements or dip slides that are already used for monitoring water systems. The method’ speed and simplicity make it exceptionally interesting for monitoring in emergencies.'

The world's leading water treatment company- Nalco also carried out an independent validation, which was presented at the International Water Conference. Likewise Centers for Disease Control of China has validated and endorsed the Hydrosense legionella Field test.

Moreover, the Hydrosense Test was accredited by DAKKS, the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany. DAKKS approved the test for the 14-day self-control and classified it as sufficient device for Legionella testing (based on 42.BimschV)

Please click on the link below to view the reports:

Laboratory VALIDATION 

The Hydrosense test has also been independently validated by a third party ISO accredited laboratory. The validation document is available upon request. 

UKAS accreditation for On-site Legionella test

UKAS accreditation is only available to laboratories. It is possible that a UKAS accredited lab could carry out the Hydrosense Legionella field test. In fact, many of them do. However, since the rapid testing is carried out on-site, which is, of course, one of its biggest advantages, UKAS accreditation is not applicable.

CE Marking

Many products sold in the EU carry a CE mark which indicates that the product is in compliance with European Directives. At present, there is no EU directive on any Legionella water tests. As a result, CE marking is not applicable. 

Certificate of Conformance

We maintain a certificate of conformance which states for every batch of test manufactured that the Hydrosense Legionella test performs to the standard established at the time of its development. This is checked by quality control at the factory which controlled by British Biocell International (BBI). It is further checked by an ISO accredited laboratory in Scotland. Finally, our technical team carries out additional quality control on every batch before the products are approved to be sold.  


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