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Reducing Legionella Risk During Maintenance - with Acquaflex

Posted by Chloe on Mar 2, 2021 11:00:14 AM


Acquaflex uses the Hydrosense Legionella test kit range to evaluate the efficiency of their biocide treatments (both standard and emergency treatments), so that they can immediately take corrective action, if needed. Hydrosense has helped Acquaflex to provide onsite results in only 25 minutes, offering peace of mind for their clients, as well as helping to speed up remedial work.

The Hydrosense rapid Legionella testing range has allowed Acquaflex to evaluate water systems in the field in real-time. The test has been used by Acquaflex as both a stand-alone method for indicating system safety for people that live, work or transit close to sites which are being treated, and it has been used in parallel with more traditional analytical techniques for additional peace of mind.

Reducing Legionella risk During Maintenance with Hydrosense

Acquaflex was asked to carry out maintenance on a plant located next to some cooling towers in a large paper mill. The cooling towers could not be turned off during maintenance, however, the sites safety manager was determined to keep risk for employees to an absolute minimum, which included keeping them safe from any potentially contaminated spray.

To minimise risk of Legionnaires’ disease, the site’s safety manager requested that the cooling towers be tested every morning before work started. Hydrosense was used by Acquaflex to indicate that the team was safe from the most dangerous strain of Legionella, which causes almost all outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease. As a method which takes between 10 to 14 days to provide conclusive results, the laboratory culture was deemed to be too slow for this purpose.

The rapid, onsite Hydrosense test, however, was able to return results onsite in only 25 minutes – meaning that testing could be conducted daily, and results could be shared with the sites safety manager almost immediately. This offered Acquaflex’s customer the peace of mind they needed to conduct maintenance and speed up the entire project, saving precious time and resources.

The cooling towers were treated with biocide, as recommended in the CTI, and every day the cooling tower system was tested with Hydrosense to provide the safety manager onsite with peace of mind. Maintenance was carried out only when Hydrosense gave a negative result.

The rapid test’s ease of use meant that it could be carried out by people who are not specialised in biological analysis and in the end the maintenance was carried out quickly and without any harm to employee health. 

 “Hydrosense tests are easy to use and they give back result in a short period of time, unlike more traditional methods like the laboratory culture test. This makes an incredible impact on efficiency.” - Paolo Da Meda, Acquaflex


About Acquaflex

Acquaflex is a chemical producer and service company that operates mainly on industrial and institutional water treatment, paper and cardboard production, hygiene and sanitation of food production plants.

They offer the highest assistance and consultancy service to achieve the best performances of production plants, improving the quality of end products, reducing environmental impact and increasing the security levels. Their highly skilled staff facilitate the achievement of efficient and tailored solutions.

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