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Remote Legionella Testing with Hydrosense

Posted by Chloe on Jan 18, 2021 11:28:42 AM
Hydrosense App and tests NEW LI
Hydrosense Pro is a safe, customisable mobile-based reader and storage system which reads Hydrosense Legionella tests accurately and allows water management companies and their clients to store and share test results securely and seamlessly. The app and accompanying portal are currently being used in water management and FM to facilitate crucial Legionella testing remotely, during yet another lockdown. 

With further closures, water management professionals are finding it harder and harder to gain site access, and their employers are increasingly concerned for their safety when they are able to able to take samples in person. 

With Hydrosense, easy, on-site Legionella testing kits can be distributed to clients where site access has been limited and the result data can be accessed by engineers from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a tablet or laptop and an internet connection. 

With the remote data that is provided, engineers can monitor water systems and plan remedial work from home, or a socially distanced office, and only have to attend sites to carry out necessary work. 
Alongside the Hydrosense Pro app and portal, Hydrosense provides an efficient and clever way to provide peace of mind to clients while keeping in-person interactions to a minimum.
The simplicity of the Hydrosense test means that anyone can carry out testing. Training clients on how to run the Hydrosense test is easy with our Hydrosense demonstration videos and the comprehensive instructions included with each kit, which again can be provided remotely. 
The Hydrosense Pro Portal has a completely customisable hierarchy which allows for the management of several organisations, and multiple sites and locations within those organisations. This tiered program ensures that the system only provides secure access to the data each engineer needs to access to. 
The portal allows you to make complex and simple management hierarchies which suit your management style and your client’s specific needs. 
Benefits of using Hydrosense Pro
Accurate test reader and secure data storage - Accurately read Hydrosense test results and store data securely on our HydrosensePro portal. 
• Ultra-fast notification system - Notify duty holders of a positive result immediately and remotely, via Email or SMS, to facilitate fast remedial action and to reduce downtime.
• Customisable system hierarchy and printable certifications - Customise your system set up to meet your needs and print certificates for your audit trail.
About Hydrosense 
Hydrosense provides an ultra-fast Legionella testing solution which helps facilities to test for the most dangerous strain of Legionella bacteria, Legionella SG1 – which is responsible for almost all of the most serious cases of Legionnaires’ disease and outbreaks to date. 
By incorporating Hydrosense into water management control plans, customers can detect high-risk problems with Legionella risk in any water system quickly, allowing faster remedial action and reducing down-time. Hydrosense Legionella tests can be conducted and interpreted rapidly, with secure cloud-based data sharing, to ensure that spaces are safe for employees and customers. 
A test can be undertaken in 25 minutes, ensuring that a positive on the test is immediately identified, and prompt remedial action can be taken – improving overall public health and protecting businesses from lawsuits, fines, reputational damage and shutdowns.
Download the App today on the App Store or Google Play.
The Hydrosense Pro Portal can be accessed at www.hydrosensepro.com

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