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Ultra-fast Legionella Testing for Remote Locations – with Weei Ta Engineering & Construction

Posted by Chloe on Mar 26, 2021 5:04:19 PM


Weei Ta Engineering & Construction wanted to find a testing method which could provide faster results, on-site. While Weei Ta acknowledges that the traditional laboratory culture test is a useful tool, they found the service to be expensive and slow – especially where continuous Legionella monitoring in remote locations is concerned.

Upon discovering Hydrosense, Weei Ta Engineering & Construction started to use the range to test a variety of water systems, including cooling towers, decorative fountains, hot tubs, spa pools, sinks, showers and water tanks. 



Weei Ta Engineering & Construction were asked to provide water management services to an army base located in a tropical jungle climate. Due to the wet and hot weather conditions, staff, trainees and non-military persons were at a much higher risk of Legionnaires’ disease (as Legionella thrives in such environments).

The base had previously used lab culture to monitor water systems across their training and support facilities - which includes schools, offices, apartments, residential units and medical units. However, the method was slow to produce results; expensive due to the remote location of the base and could not be conducted on-site or internally.

Weei Ta Engineering & Construction implemented Hydrosense using a rotational escalation-based strategy. Hydrosense tests continue to be used daily by trained client personnel. Personnel collect samples from the site’s facilities on a rotational basis and each building is tested with Hydrosense at least once a month.

If a positive is found with the Hydrosense test, another test is carried out to confirm the positive reading. If two positives are found, samples are also sent to a laboratory for further analysis. Any double positive with Hydrosense results in immediate sterilisation and flushing of the contaminated system.

Hydrosense facilitates almost instantaneous remedial action whilst waiting for laboratory culture samples – helping to reduce exposure to Legionella and reducing shut-down times.

Following treatment, a third Hydrosense test is used to assess the effectiveness of the remedial work. A lab culture test is also sent off to obtain independent confirmation that the water system is clear. 

Weei Ta Engineering & Construction’s clients were delighted to find a test which was so easy to conduct and could be left on-site with client personnel – allowing them to conduct testing internally, a massive benefit due to the remote nature of the base.

The Hydrosense Legionella testing method gave Weei Ta Engineering & Construction the edge when it came to meeting the needs of their training base client. Not only was the method cost-effective in comparison to the laboratory culture method, but it also offered a testing solution which could be conducted remotely and quickly.

Weei Ta Engineering & Construction’s strategy of escalation and rotation with Hydrosense was an accessible, easy approach to Legionella testing which minimised exposure and sped up remedial work. The test also provided peace of mind to non-military persons on-site (e.g., family members).

“Clients like that the Hydrosense method allows instantaneous proactive remedial action where a positive test is confirmed because isolation and sterilisation can be carried out almost immediately. Clients can minimize down time and exposure to Legionella. With Hydrosense, it takes on-site personnel only 7 days to complete sterilisation and re-open an infected building.” Steven Lee, Weei Ta.

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